DG Fires has embodied exclusive design and extraordinary stoves for people who value beautiful design and fantastic workmanship, since its inception in 1981. Moreover, DG Fires models stand out in their ease of use. In recent years DG (Dik Geurts) Fires has invested much in improving the combustion process in order for their stoves to provide extremely clean combustion at a very favourable output. This not only benefits the environment but saves on fuel costs.

A DG Fires wood stove isn’t merely a receptacle in which to burn wood. Rather it is a well thought out piece of equipment that ensures the wood is burned as efficiently and cleanly as possible.

This achieved by the models having a closed burning base (no grate) which catches the ash. The flat base covered in ash provides excellent insulation. One only removes the ash once it threatens to overspill the ash sill. Secondly, the combustion chamber in all models is optimally insulated with vermiculite and the flue gases are fed off via an ingenious labyrinth.

The DG Fires models meet with the most stringent quality requirements and belong in the combustion technique elite. The benefits are thus high output , low emissions and glowing flames encased in a superb and modern design.