Exceptional British made wood & multi-fuel stoves

Charnwood is the ‘Ferrari brand’ of closed combustion fireplaces. With over 50 years of experience, Charnwood stoves offer the best that the UK and Europe have to offer. Their fireplaces are manufactured in the UK, and Charnwood has built a unique reputation for top quality and innovation.

Charnwood fireplaces are engineered with the latest technology to the best quality standards. All models come with the patented ‘Quattro flow air-management system’ for extra efficiency and a clean burn. The Quattro system produces more heat with less wood, and the fireplace is controlled by a single lever. All models are environmentally friendly, with exceptionally low smoke emissions. The ‘riddle’ mechanism burns a mix of solid fuels, such as wood, anthracite or coal, and, as with most European fireplaces, there is an optional external air intake.